Cards of the Undead

25.07.2023 702 9 votes

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What is Cards of the Undead?

Cards of the Undead

Cards of the Undead is a new zombie killing game, but one that is mostly a puzzle and merging game with cards, a really interesting experience we now offer all of you to have, considering that even the members of our team have not played a game like this one before it, so you should have even more incentive to try it out!

Let's play with the Cards of the Undead online!

With the mouse you are going to move your hero from one card to another, doing so to collect weapons, defensive gear, treasure chests, hidden upgrades, and other boosts and power-ups, but know that when you move into the card of a zombie, which you have to kill, you should have a bigger number of lives than the number on theirs.

That is because when you shoot down a zombie, that number of lives is taken from yours, and if you reach zero, you lose, so prep and get strong before eliminating the zombie cards to ensure that you play for as long as possible, upgrade your hero, and free the world of the zombie apocalypse!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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