Wednesday vs Skibidi

Wednesday vs Skibidi

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Wednesday vs Skibidi
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Wednesday vs Skibidi Overview


Wednesday vs Skibidi is going to be one of the most peculiar games you've ever played in this category that features this popular character, because it is a shooting game at its core, one featuring not only the Skibidi Toilets from the popular meme but also Choo-Choo Charles, whose main format of gameplay is what this game has taken on!

Let's shoot the monsters with Wednesday vs Skibidi!

With the mouse, you aim and shoot the weapons available at hand as you ride the train on the track, having to shoot down Camera Heads, Skibidi Toilets, Choo-Choo Charles, and any other monsters that attack you, as long as you make sure to defeat each wave.

After one wave you've destroyed, buy new weapons, add upgrades, and become more powerful, because each new wave is going to be stronger than the last one. It's that simple, and know that for each new day you come back to play this game you are going to get daily rewards, so keep that in mind! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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ЯЮниор - школа программирования

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