Wednesday vs Slendermen

Wednesday vs Slendermen

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Wednesday vs Slendermen
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Wednesday vs Slendermen Overview


Wednesday vs Slendermen crosses over the most popular horror-themed show on Netflix with one of the world's most recognizable creepypasta character-turned-video-game-antagonist in what is one of the best new endless runner games online in 3D of our website for the day, a game we hope none of you dare to miss out on since you would be missing out on a big chunk of fun you could have in your lives right now!

Who will win the Wednesday vs Slendermen confrontation?

You play as Wednesday Addams as she is being chased by Slenderman through a scary forest, where you use the WASD or ARROW keys to move left and right, jump, and slide, using these movements to avoid all the obstacles in your path, because if you hit them too much, the monster catches her, and you lose.

Aim to advance through the course as much as possible, with it being endless, and make sure to collect as many coins, hammers, and hands that you find too since they represent your score, and we're positive that you would want to get a really big one with each new round, no?

That's the simple and exciting new premise of this game, so make sure you give it a chance right away, after which we hope to see you play more games of this category if this is your first time in it!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.


Carlos Condit

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