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What are The Addams Family Games?

It's always a good idea to play The Addams Family Games online for free, even more so if you are doing it on our website, because, as we guarantee with all categories we have, we made sure to bring you the best that it can offer.

Another reason for that would be the longevity of these characters, which made their debut in 1938, so almost 100 years ago when they first appeared as single-page cartoons published in a magazine.

The series has since expanded in all sorts of media, primarily film and television.

What are The Addams Family movies called?

How many television series with The Addams Family were there?

Four older series in the following years:

We're absolutely positive that it is this new show that most of you are here for, but until we get on with it, let's find out more about the larger universe!

Meet The Addams Family and see what makes them scary yet lovable at the same time!

The family is a strong one, a close-knit group where the parents still love each other many years later and make a point of showing it, they are great parents, and the children have lots of good qualities. They also have great helpers around the house. What makes them stand apart is that they have a keen interest in the macabre, all things scary, deadly, and out of this world, with the supernatural always being around them in one way or another.

People might get scared upon seeing their lifestyle, but they are generous and involved in the community, and despite their looks, there is not one bone of evil in them. They are:

Then, the supporting cast is completed by Uncle Fester, a bald man with a devilish grin who is Gomez's older brother and can conduct electricity through his body. The Thing is a cut-off hand that walks and thinks and behaves by itself, always a friend to the family and aid in the kid's antics, or the manservant Lurch, who is really tall, resembles Frankenstein and can do any job he's given, despite his size and strength.

Want to play Wednesday Games online? We've got you covered!

This series from Netflix has become a juggernaut that even beat Stranger Things in many records for the network, with it having been filmed in the land of vampires, Romania, and featuring a really cool cast, in addition to the fact that it also brings this scary teenage girl in a new light.

Thanks to her misbehavior, she needs to go to a special new school, Nevermore Academy, which is filled with all kinds of outcasts, as her parents previously attended it. Through the episodes, we follow her cold and emotionless personality getting maybe a bit warmer, as she tries to connect with the other students, butt heads with the school principal, but also uses her newfound psychic abilities to solve the monster mystery at the campus.

Only we could have made sure to bring you games with Wednesday online for free, most of them having been made in-house, and you should check them out first, in addition to the other content brought here with these characters, featuring the rest of her family too.

Begin your new adventure into the macabre yet funny world of these historic characters, and tell all your friends to come over as well, they won't regret it in the least!