Wednesday: Get Dress For School

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Wednesday: Get Dress For School
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What is Wednesday: Get Dress For School?

Wednesday: Get Dress For School

Wednesday: Get Dress For School is one of the best new dress-up games with Wednesday to have appeared on our website in quite a while, and the main reason for that is because her new best friend at Nevermore Academy, Enid, is also there for you to dress her up, and it's your pick with which of them to start with, as we recommend playing with both for the full and best experience out of this new entry to our website!

Get dressed for school with Wednesday and Enid!

First things first, do their makeup, a stage in which you get to use cosmetics such as eye shadow and eyeliner, contact lenses, blush, and lipstick, all of which come in various shapes and colors.

Next up, dress up the girls by choosing tops and bottoms to mix and match, hats, and various accessories that are meant to represent the different personalities of each girl.

We're sure you easily understood everything, so begin right now, only here, and make sure to stick around for more fun to come, it is and always will be guaranteed here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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