Choo-Choo Charles: Escape from Island

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What is Choo-Choo Charles: Escape from Island?

Choo-Choo Charles: Escape from Island

Choo-Choo Charles: Escape from Island is yet another game we are delighted to be bringing you in this horror games category, as this one has also managed to replicate the experience of the original game quite well, and we're sure that you will enjoy it, maybe even more so than the other similar games to it that have been added in this category in the past!

Escape from the Island by shooting Choo-Choo Charles!

Humanoid monsters, little spider trains, and Choo-Choo Charles himself, as well as other entities, will be attacking you on your train as you try to use it in escaping the island, so shoot at them and kill them off, making sure they don't attack too much and deplete your health bar in full because in that case, you lose.

Aim and shoot with the left mouse button, and use the mouse's wheel to change weapons, pressing R for reloading. It's that simple, and if you die, try the game again and see if you can survive longer than last time. It is all that straightforward, so we hope you start right now and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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