Noob Vs Choo-Choo Charles

Noob Vs Choo-Choo Charles

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Noob Vs Choo-Choo Charles
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Noob Vs Choo-Choo Charles Overview


Noob Vs Choo-Choo Charles is going to be one of the best new running and jumping games online on our website, a 3D game that features two really popular internet characters, both really trending at the moment, so we're positive that you will be having a ton of fun together, something we will now teach you how to do so that you can win the game with ease!

Who will win in Noob Vs Choo-Choo Charles?

As Noob you are being chased by none other than Choo-Choo Charles, and your goal is to make a really big distance before he catches you, which happens if you hit into the obstacles and traps along the way. Duck them left or right, jump over them, or slide, depending on the obstacle, using the WASD keys for it.

Along the way, collect diamonds to get a big score, in addition to the distance you run, and try to grab power-ups as well, since we are sure you will find them very helpful and make you run away from the train spider easier. Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since there are always more fun games for you just around the corner here!

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