Choo Choo Charles Revenge

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What is Choo Choo Charles Revenge?

Choo Choo Charles Revenge

Choo Choo Charles Revenge is a new action-adventure game 3D with horror elements, as this category is quite scary, as is the spider train, who you need to hunt because he has been terrorizing the small island, so you need to take him down, as well as his cultists, something we will now teach you how to do!

Get revenge on Choo Choo Charles!

Use WASD to move, space to jump, shift to run, the mouse to aim and shoot, the wheel to change weapons, and the F key for interaction. Go around the island, kill the cultists of the spider train, and find the three portals to close them up so that the evil beings can no longer come to the island.

You've got it? We're sure you did, and the game is simple and fun, as you can see, so start it right now, and don't stop here, since we've got some more surprises for you here all day long!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift key, mouse, and F key.

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