Skibidi Night

24.07.2023 1.316 19 votes

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What is Skibidi Night?

Skibidi Night

Skibidi Night is a new horror-themed game online with exploration, mystery, and adventure elements all into one, in 3D, which we highly recommend to everyone, knowing very well just how much fun our team has had, and how this is one of the most popular categories at the moment, so there's no doubt in our minds you will also be having a blast!

Survive the horror Skibidi Night online!

With WASD you move, with E you pick up items and interact, with Q you can drop the items, the mouse to look around, and shift to run. You have to investigate where the sound comes from, and it is definitely Skibidi, who tries to take you out, so you need to get rid of him first, and survive!

To do that, grab keys to open doors, and collect the mystery items that you can put together to summon the power that will banish this toilet monster! Are you ready? We hope you are, and we hope you don't stop here, since today will be filled up with tons of amazing new games for you to check out, which you should absolutely be doing!

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, the mouse, E, Q.

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