Flush all Skibidis

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What is Flush all Skibidis?

Flush all Skibidis

Flush all Skibidis is one of the most interesting action-adventure games 3D you've had the chance of finding and playing in this category so far, something that we are very excited about, just like you should be since we decided to kick off this day with a new game from this category precisely because we know for a fact just how much you all love them!

Can you Flush all Skibidis online?

On each level you have a number of Skibidi Toilets running around, which represent your wave, and with the WASD keys you move, space to jump, and with the mouse you attack them, which means flushing the head inside the toilet.

If you flush all of the toilets in the level, you advance to the next one, and with the money you earn, you should buy assistants, Camera Heads, to use in the next waves to help you find the foes faster.

Now that we're sure you understood everything, let the fun begin, only here, and don't stop either, since we've got plenty more amazing games in the works, all of which we want to see you play!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, and the mouse.

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