Skibidi Shooter - The Last Cameraman

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What is Skibidi Shooter - The Last Cameraman?

Skibidi Shooter - The Last Cameraman

Skibidi Shooter - The Last Cameraman is a high-octave new shooting game in 3D from this beloved category that we are now delighted to share with everyone here free of charge, as we've had tons of fun with it ourselves, just like you will too, and to make sure of that we will now explain what is to be done in the game!

Help The Last Cameraman be a great Skibidi Shooter!

With the WASD keys you move Cameraman on the map, and with the mouse, you aim and shoot lasers from its camera head, so that you take down as many skibidi toilets as possible because they will be attacking you in waves, and if you lose by having them deplete your health bar, you have to restart.

Instead, try to see if you can take on and shoot down one wave after another, and save the world from these cursed toilets with human heads. Don't stop here either, since this category has plenty more great games in it already, all of which we hope you give a chance to right away!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and mouse.

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