Head Derby Toilet Crash Test

Head Derby Toilet Crash Test

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Head Derby Toilet Crash Test
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Head Derby Toilet Crash Test Overview


Head Derby Toilet Crash Test is a new game inspired by car derby games with fighting, where cars crash into one another in order to be the one last standing, and if you love that experience, you are bound to love it even more right now when it features the fan-loved Skibidi Toilets instead of regular vehicles, as these meme characters make everything better!

Let's start the Head Derby Toilet Crash Test online!

You will be thrown into a derby arena with ramps and other kinds of platforms, devices, tunnels, and other crazy stuff, where only one toilet can remain to win the battle, so crash into the other ones with more speed than them, depleting their health bar completely to win.

At the same time, they will try to do the same, so don't let them. If you do good in this mode, you can also unlock the racing mode, where you try to finish the courses ahead of the other toilets by crossing the finish line first.

Use the WASD or ARROW keys for moving around the maps. Now, in the garage, you can use the coins you win to change the toilet's skin, adding upgrades and making cosmetic looks to it.

Advance, crash, hit, and survive against all odds, after which you're eagerly invited to check out even more games from this category we have in store for each and every one of you!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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