Attack on Skibidi

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What is Attack on Skibidi?

Attack on Skibidi

Attack on Skibidi is one of the best hypercasual running and fighting games 3D that this category has, precisely why we've added it right at this moment for you all to check it out and have incredible amounts of fun with it, just like we did, so we will now give you all the information you need to give it your very best from the get-go!

Let's go and Attack on Skibidi online!

As a Camera Head, you will run forward automatically, and with the mouse or touch controls you drag left and right to move, doing so to enter through green gates that give you a bigger fire rate, a dual shot upgrade, or any other kinds of power-ups that will make you stronger.

Doing so you can shoot lasers at the Skibid Toilets on the road, of which you should try killing as many as possible, getting a big score once you cross the finish line if you achieve that, but be careful to avoid the toilets that are stronger than you since bumping into them means losing.

Now that you know how simple and exciting this game can be, make sure you're giving it a go right away, only here, after which we hope to see you try the other offerings from this category!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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