Hit the Skibidi Toilet

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What is Hit the Skibidi Toilet?

Hit the Skibidi Toilet

Hit the Skibidi Toilet is going to be great if you love this meme character and you also love games such as whack-a-mole, which is the inspiration to it, but you've now got people's heads coming out of toilets, which can be way funnier, and more fun for you to experience, so we fully endorse this game right now!

Let's Hit the Skibidi Toilet online!

You are going to use the mouse to click on the Skibidi heads when they pop out of the toilets to get points and get a big score while being careful not to click on the bombs that also come out, because they explode and cause you to lose the game.

Try to see how far you can get with the score before you die, and, if you do, play again and try harder next time. It's really all that simple, so now that you know it all, start this game with confidence and focus, and give it your best from the get-go!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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