Skibidi Hit Master

Skibidi Hit Master

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Skibidi Hit Master
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Skibidi Hit Master Overview


Skibidi Hit Master is a new skill and shooting game online on our website featuring the most popular meme of last year, where the duel between cameramen and toilets continues, and you are on the side of the men with cameras on their heads, who have to destroy the pesky toilets with human heads to stop them from annoying the whole world, which you will do through shooting them, something we will now explain how it can be done!

Become a Skibidi Hit Master online!

With the mouse or touch controls, you aim and shoot bullets from the Cameramen, as you aim to hit all of them in a level, with each new stage featuring more enemies for you to defeat, but you always have a limited number of bullets.

To achieve completion, make sure that you hit the bullets in such a way that they bounce off from walls or toilets, maybe hit rocks to smash through them, and shoot them to avoid the obstacles, with some of them being static, but some of them moving around.

If you fail, you can start again, at which point you should figure out a new angle at which to make your shots, so that you are successful, but know that the next level will always present you with a bigger challenge. Focus, aim with a great eye, and have fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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