Skibidi Toilet - Connect A Pair

Skibidi Toilet - Connect A Pair

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Skibidi Toilet - Connect A Pair
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Skibidi Toilet - Connect A Pair Overview


Skibidi Toilet - Connect A Pair is going to be one of the best new matching games online that this category has had so far, where we are truly hoping to be able to bring you more new and interesting puzzle games as often as possible, this one is a great example, and we will now teach you how it works so that you can give this game your very best from the get-go!

Connect a Pair with the Skibidi Toilet online!

Multiple Skibidi Toilets will be sitting on a grid, and you have to take the pairs that have the same color and connect them with the mouse, dragging the mouse to create a path on the grid from one to another, while you make sure that the lines do not intersect with one another, in which case you lose.

Each new level makes the toilets more tangled up, so you have to find better solutions, but we are sure you will still have plenty of fun, just like we did, and we hope that you will be sharing this game with friends as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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