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Slope Online

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Slope Online
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Slope Online Overview


Slope Online is a new version of the classic endless rolling game in 3D that we're hugely elated to share with you on our website, with the main reason for that being that the game is a World Cup-themed game, where instead of the regular ball you've got a soccer one, and the slope is a green pitch with tons of fun surprises you will discover!

Play Slope Online with a soccer ball!

Use the arrows to move the ball as it rolls down the sloping pitch, avoiding the dangers and obstacles, but, most importantly, avoiding falling into the sky, because when that happens you will have lost and will be forced to start again from scratch.

The more distance you advance, the bigger your score becomes, and along the way you can use targets to jump high, but also the cannons for that, while you should avoid things like the sticks, or you can enter through the small gates.

The more gates you enter through, the more extra points you also get, so focus on that, it's just like with scoring in the real-life sport! Now that you know all this, you should be ready to give the game your best right now, so what are you waiting for?

How to play?

Use the arrows.



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