Frizzle Fraz: Balloons

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Frizzle Fraz: Balloons
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What is Frizzle Fraz: Balloons?

Frizzle Fraz: Balloons

Frizzle Fraz: Balloons is a spin-off from the platform-adventure games series you already know and love very much from our website, because this one is a bubble shooter game where the bubbles are replaced by these frizzle frazzle characters you hold dear to your hearts, as shooting them down is how you save them in this new venture!

Shoot the Balloons of Frizzle Fraz online!

The fuzzies come in various colors, and plenty of them will be stacked up at the top, slowly coming towards the bottom. Use the mouse to aim and shoot at them with new balloons from the bottom, doing so to hit or create groups of at least three identical ones to blow them up and make them disappear.

When you do that, you earn points in return, but, to finish a level what you aim for is getting rid of all the firzzles on the screen, so shoot and match them to achieve that, but know that doing that gets more difficult one level after another, so your skills should also increase along the way!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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