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Rail Of War

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Rail Of War
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Rail Of War Overview


Rail Of War is one of the very few war games with trains that you can play online, which is precisely why having it here on our website was very important for us, and even if you used to play this game in its heyday, or you are just discovering it right now, we can promise that you are going to have an experience, unlike any others before it!

Let's choo-choo on the Rail Of War online!

Play the game solely with the mouse, starting off by building your train using the cash and load available to do so. Use the money that you earn from finishing missions to acquire more wagons for the train, and use them to transport weapons to the battlefield, because the more load you can get to the battlefield, the more advantages your army has over the enemies.

Use the cash for fuel and repairs as well, because if your train gets too damaged in its health bar, you will lose. Repair the trains, or they EXPLODE!

Use the speed controls to choose how fast you go, and the faster you do, the more gas you use, and you can also bring the trains to full stops if you wish.

Use the minimap to look at your objectives, as well as the routes you need to take. You can always attach or detach new wagons, depending on what your mission requires, so try not to waste cargo space or fuel.

Just like it would be in the real world, a better strategy and freedom of movement will achieve victory, so think hard before you act, and stay one step ahead of the opposing army and their own trains! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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