Feudalism 3

Feudalism 3

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Feudalism 3
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Feudalism 3 Overview


Feudalism 3, a classic RPG adventure game with strategy elements, is now readily available for you to find and play free of charge on our website, unblocked, and from both computers and mobile devices alike. We've already played this game and others in the series, so we will now teach you what to do, and then you can confidently start the game as well!

Play Feudalism 3 online unblocked for free!

Choose the team you want to belong to for starters:

  • Arcane Empire
  • Snake Clan
  • Sun Kingdom
  • Inquisition
  • Frost Legion

You can also pick to be a melee warrior, or a ranged one, such as the wizard. Click where you want to go, and when you see enemy soldiers, go and click on them to have them attacked, as you need to defeat them, after which you get enough credits to make upgrades to your character, because the next waves of enemies you will have to defeat only becomes stronger, as you can expect.

Make upgrades to your own character, and gather more soldiers to your team, so that you can go on the attack against the enemy soldiers, and conquer all the other kingdoms until you become the emperor of this new world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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