Feudalism 2

Feudalism 2

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Feudalism 2
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Feudalism 2 Overview


Feudalism 2 has everything you would want from a war game set in those times of kingdoms, knights, warriors, queens, and kings, such as war, fighting, betrayal, action, soldiers, and many more, which is why we hope you try this game right now, even more so since these strategy games don't usually also have RPG games elements as well, but this one does, so it is going to be truly something new!

Enter the dangerous but exciting world of Feudalism 2 online!

Before you start your journey, you need to choose the hero you want to become:

  1. Edgar, Lord of the Great Trade Republic
  2. Selena, Princess of the Great Trade Republic
  3. Karl, Bishop of The Order of Holy Cross
  4. Elizabeth, Priest of The Order of Holy Cross
  5. Vseslav, Chieftain of The Forest Lands
  6. Olga, the major Druid of The Forest Lands
  7. Sieg, Shogun of the Far East Empire
  8. Niora, Mistress of the East Empire
  9. Chingis, Khan of the Black Horde
  10. Inga, Major Shaman of the Black Horde
  11. Ismael, Ruler of the South Desert
  12. Diana, Secret Assassin of the South Desert

Yes, you have no less than TWELVE characters you can become here, one man and one woman for each kingdom or land, so everyone is invited to have fun! Move using the arrow keys, attack using the spacebar, and press the shift key to swap weapons.

As you go on your journey, win battles against other heroes and villains alike, conquer territory, grow a big army, and overtake all the lands you step foot upon, because that is what you would be doing in the feudal age. Let the historical adventure begin!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrows, spacebar, and the shift key.

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