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Pokemon Unbound

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Pokemon Unbound
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Pokemon Unbound Overview


Pokemon Unbound is yet another hack rom belonging to this famous and popular series of Nintendo Games online, where you get to explore a boundless region in size, but, most importantly, in the diversity of the pocket monsters you can capture and fight with, a totally fun experience we've just had ourselves, and we will now tell you all about it right now, so you can enjoy this game to the fullest too!

Start an Unbound Pokemon adventure online!

Explore the Borrius region by finding Pokemon, capturing them in the wild by defeating them and putting them in your Poke Balls, and then defeating other trainers of the region, as you try to become a more experienced fighter, evolve your monsters to make them stronger, and win gym trainer matches to get badges and show your skills off.

An evil organization called 'The Shadows' is working in the background to take over the region and cause havoc, so defeat their lackeys along the way, until you defeat their big boss as well.

In the Pokemon battles you will do here, you have to pick attack moves to perform, and deplete the other's health bar first to win because if they do it to you, you lose. Use potions to replenish health, and take injured monsters to the doctors to heal them. Move around with the arrows, and use Z to select.

Start right now, only here, and make sure to check out more games with Pokemon here, all unblocked and free, as we've gathered the best of them already!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z key.

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Author: Skeli

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