Pokemon Leaf Green

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Pokemon Leaf Green
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What is Pokemon Leaf Green?

Pokemon Leaf Green

Pokemon Leaf Green is the latest old GBA game from this RPG series that you can now play directly from browsers on our website, free and unblocked, where tons of fun awaits you right now and here, as we always guarantee, and as you can always see is the case with this tremendous series!

Play Pokemon Leaf Green online unblocked for free!

Go through the region you are in as a trainer and try catching the monsters, and then battling other monsters, either in the wild, to capture them, or against other trainers, and by doing so you are able to grow them, and if they evolve, they get really powerful.

The goal is to beat trainers, advance the story, defeat the gym trainers that each specialize in a new kind of foe you have to go up against and complete the story! Watch out for enemies, buy potions, heal injured monsters, and try to catch them all, as you become a legend of this world!

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How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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