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Prepare to play, one of the most interesting multiplayer strategy games online that we've had on our website in recent times, with real-time gameplay that is also quite different from most io games in its genre, so, most probably, both fans and non-fans of this world will find it really enjoyable!

Do you have the best strategy to win

You can choose to be either the color red or blue, and you will be fighting against another real enemy that uses the opposite color of what you've picked. There are multiple states on the screen, and you can send soldiers on the blank ones to conquer the territories, but only if you send more than the number on the castle icon.

In the same way, you attack your opponent's states to take over them, and if you want, you can increase your state's troops by sending them from one to another. With the mouse, you will drag from the castle towards where you want to attack/conquer, and if you conquer the whole territory, you become the winner.

It's all about strategy, focus, and always moving faster than the enemy, something that you will definitely get better at the more that you play this game, where it is you against the world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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