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What are Counter Strike Games?

Counter-Strike it's a series of games that are very popular these days even if the first series appeared in 1999. There are two teams: The Terrorist team and the Counter-Terrorist team, each team has a purpose. At the beginning of the match, you don't choose which team you want to be, but you're going to play whit both teams. Each team has a special weapon, for Terrorist, we have "ak-47" and for Counter-terrorist we have "M4A1-S" or "M4A4". The most popular game in the Counter-Strike series is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so we'll talk about him today. From time to time some operations are also found, and these operations can be bought. They have to the role of giving missions and if you complete those mission you can receive the reward as example skins, cases, and more. Our games on this site are very similar to the CS GO game.

How to play?
If you are in the Counter-Terrorist Team, you have a small advantage over Terrorists. The mission is to kill all the terrorists before they plant the bomb if they have started to plant the bomb, you have to kill all of them and defusing the bomb, you have 40 seconds. If you're in the Terrorist team you have two options, kill the rival team or plant the bomb and protect it for them. In the beginning, you'll have $800 and you get more money if you win a round or make a kill. Whit that money you have 20 seconds from the start of each round to buy weapons: pistols, SMGs, Rifles, Heavy. But with that money, you can buy some grenades like:  Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Decoy, Molotov, Incendiary Grenade and armor. There is also a table that shows how many kills you have and every time you've died. The coolest thing is that you can play with people from all over the world and they can talk to each other. The most popular maps are Mirage and Dust II.
Can you put real money into the game?
Yes, but only if you want. With money can buy different skins for weapons. Some are very expensive but also very beautiful. You also have music in the market, that plays when you're in the lobby or when making an MVP. The most expensive but also appreciated skins are knives, like Urus, Bayonet, Karambit, Butterfly Knife, and more. Price is constantly changing because sales are made whit other people.

How can you make a rank?
To grow in the rank you must have as many wins as possible one after the other. There are many ranks like: Silver 1,2,3, elite and elite master; Gold nova 1,2,3, Master, Master Guardian 1,2, Elite; DMG (Distinguished Master Guardian); Legendary Eagle Master; Supreme Master and The Global Elite. Each match will have players with the same rank approximately. There are other ways of playing and without the ranks, for example, Deathmatch, Casual, War games. Wingman is a game mode that has ranks as well, there are a total of 4 players that mean each team has 2 players, only play on a Site.

Practice with bots.
Here you can train, or test new things like throw a smoke on site.

Workshop maps.
Here you find many maps created by other players. Maps for 1v1, hide and seek, for crosshair and many other games. Here is a very good place to play with your friends.

Community server.
Here is the second part of the game, where you can meet people in your country or speak the same language. There are some games like retake or 1v1 championship and more, and these servers also made by people. If you play on Community Server, you won't change the rank. 

Danger Zone
In the Danger Zone, you have not just 2 variants of where to go, you have a whole map. There is a rank too, but are different: Lab Rat 1,2; Sprinting Here 1,2; Wild Scout 1,2, elite; Hunter Fox 1,2,3, elite; Timber Wolf, Ember Wolf, Wildfire Wolf, and The Howling Alpha. At the start of each game if you play alone or whit a partner, you need to choose where you want to start the game. At first, you don't have a weapon, have to go and look for a weapon in the houses. In the houses there is money and if you have too much money, it is a menu where you can buy weapons. The weapons or what is on the menu are brought by drones, it is very funny. You have to finish 1st place to win.

The Publisher's opinion.
The game is very educational, he teaches you to play in a team, to work whit the other players. Very strategically you have to analyze your opponents from the first rounds to see how to win. The headset is very important, the game is based on sound. If you are on the terrorist team, I recommend you all go together, so you'll quickly remove the enemy team. In the Counter-Terrorist team all you have to do is not push, because your mission is to cover the site. I recommend you play with your friends, it is more fun. The game is found on steam, from there you downland it, so you'd better have a steam guard so that someone doesn't steal your account. As a beginner need to learn to use smokes because they help you very much during the game, learn how to use a weapon.

Prime is a feature reserved for players who have level 21 or more. Those whit Prime are also lucky enough to receive exclusive benefice. Users with Prime Status are matchmade with only other Prime Status users in all game modes. Prime user benefits for Prime souvenir items, item drops, weapon cases, and more. The real benefit of Prime is that you'll potentially be able to avoid cheaters.

Faceit was founded in 2011, allows players to easily play in tournaments. Faceit is a leading independent competitive gaming platform for online multiplayer games, with more than 6 million users logging in a total of over 12 million online game sessions each month. Your level of experience is not on the rank here, There are levels, from 1 to 10, start from level 3 and if you reach level 10, you can feel a very good player.

It is a good place to spend your free time?
Of course, as long as you have a friend whit you, it's perfect.

You can remove Prime status?
No. There is no way to do that.

Can you kick a player or abandon the game?
Yes, if the other players agree, but if you abandon the game several times, you will get a penalty.

What gives you the most XP?
Competitive Matchmaking gives you the most XP.

How do you find people to play whit them?
You have a "looking to play" button that shows other players you want to play whit them.
Have fun!