Transformers: Armada

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Transformers: Armada
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What is Transformers: Armada?

Transformers: Armada

Come play Transformers: Armada online for free and unblocked if you want your daily dose of new Transformers Games online, which we know for a fact is one of the most beloved categories here, so we always make sure to update it with amazing games as this defense one, which will be unlike anything and everything else you've played here before!

Lead the Transformers Armada!

You have a mine of Energon to protect from the Decepticons that are attacking it with the intent of either destroying it or taking over the energy source, as you lose when you let them have 100 units of it.

You will use the mouse to position the rocket launcher with which you attack while being careful how you aim so that you do not blow up your own Energon.

Don't run out of available missiles, and move the slider to change their velocity, experimenting with how you attack so that you can defeat any wave of enemies.

We're sure you are now ready to give this challenge your best, and once again, the Autobots will end up winning and saving the day, this day thanks to you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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