Transformers Lane Racer

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What is Transformers Lane Racer?

Transformers Lane Racer

We've really not disappointed you with any of the Transformers Games online we've had added on our website so far, so don't believe we are going to start doing it right now, when we're happy to present you with the game called Transformers Lane Racer, one of the best new car racing games this category has had, where the robot car you will drive is none other than fan-favorite Bumblebee!

Help Bumblebee change lanes and win the race!

The highway that you drive on with Bee is on the water, and there will be various monsters coming out of it and attacking you at random times, sometimes from the left, sometimes from the right. What you need to be careful of is avoiding them, which is why you have to change lanes when they appear, using the mouse to do so.

As you avoid monsters, your score increases, and changing lanes also gives you speed, so try to be fast, swift, and go as far as possible through the course, without letting the scary monsters touch Bee! Good luck, and if you are up for more fun, make sure you check out more awesome games with Transformers we've brought you here recently, there's no doubt at all you will love them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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