Transformers Prime Defence

Transformers Prime Defence

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Transformers Prime Defence
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Transformers Prime Defence Overview


Transformers Prime Defence is a really awesome new game focusing on Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots and one of the most beloved robots in all of the media, not just in our Transformers Games category, and since the Earth is under attack, it is only you and him that can defeat the Decepticons in this awesome action game!

Help Optimus Prime defend the Earth!

Of course, to be able to function well in the battle and achieve victory, you need to know how to control your robot: use the arrow keys to move, Z to transform into a robot and be able to use the weapons, X to transform into a vehicle so that you can dodge obstacles on the courses, and press the spacebar to fire your weapons.

Keep the laser and shield meters as high as possible so you can always use them, but you will be able to find bonuses for them along with the courses, so grab them and use them to your advantage.

The more you advance, and the more enemies and dangers you defeat, the bigger your score becomes, and otherwise, if you don't die, the game runs endlessly, so see how far you can advance! We wish you the best in your newest mission!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, Z, X keys, spacebar.

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