Quest for Optimus Prime

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What is Quest for Optimus Prime?

Quest for Optimus Prime

Let's go on a Quest for Optimus Prime in one of the best-ever Transformers The Last Knight Games online on our website, where through playing you can and will be able to discover more of the world in this universe through three mini-games:

  1. Glyphs Hunt
  2. Distant World
  3. Ancient Symbols

Let the Quest for Optimus Prime of Transformers Games begin!

Sqeeks needs your help deciphering the coded message left on the moon by Optimus Prime, so go through the three levels, finding clues in each video or image that is shown to you, and when you have found enough of them, the hidden messages will be unveiled, and the legendary Autobot might return to battle the evil Decepticons, thanks to you and your brains. Let's go!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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