Transformers: Robo Battles

Transformers: Robo Battles

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Transformers: Robo Battles
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Transformers: Robo Battles Overview


Do you have what it takes to win the Robot Battles with Transformers? If you've got a good memory, rhythm, and skills, you will achieve victory, since this is a fighting game different from what you are used to, and you are going to love it top to bottom, just like our team has had!

Let's win the Transformers Robo Battles!

You will be shown a combo of arrow symbols, and you need to memorize and re-create it in the same way by pressing the arrow keys in the same order to make your attack. Do it before the counter runs out, or the enemy gets the upper hand and you get attacked instead.

Grimlock is the first robot alien you can become, and as you win battles you can also unlock Bumblebee, Lockdown, Optimus, Drift. Get in more hits than your opponent to become the victor of the battle, and there's no doubt in our minds that you will have had tons of fun!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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