Huggy Army Commander

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Huggy Army Commander
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What is Huggy Army Commander?

Huggy Army Commander

Welcome to Huggy Army Commander, war and strategy game in 3D where you need to help the human race (or stickman one, in this case) to defeat the threat that is an army of Huggy Wuggy dolls come to life and having weapons on them, who are intent on taking over the world, and, frankly, only you as the commander of soldiers can you stop them!

Become the Commander that defeats the Huggy Army!

Pick up the first ten military tags/cards and use them to set up the soldier tent, from which soldiers then come out and start attacking the Huggy Wuggy army. If they fall in battle, collect their tags and use them to get new facilities, more tents, more weapons, tanks, and the sort.

Using these tags you build your army stronger by evolving the base so that it can generate more soldiers until eventually, you have enough troops to defeat the Huggy army of that level. Make sure that you, the commander, does not get shot down in battle until the health bar completely depletes, or you lose.

Use the mouse to move around the battlefield and make your decisions. Surely you've now understood, so let the fun begin, and make sure to tell your friends about this or any of our other amazing games of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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