Pixel Craft Survival

Pixel Craft Survival

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Pixel Craft Survival
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Pixel Craft Survival Overview


Pixel Craft Survival is one really big and amazing action, fighting, strategy, and, of course, survival game in 3D set in the blocky world we now invite you to step in once more, as you always do with confidence in this category, where once again zombies are a big problem, and only you can be the one to deal with them!

Start and work hard for your Pixel Craft Survival online!

In this horror-themed game, you've got a house that works as your main base, which you must protect from the waves of zombies that attack it, and know that each new wave has more zombies to deal with, as you only begin with two of them.

You will use the guns, the tools, and any other kind of weapon you have at your hand to attack them when they do, but you can also use barricades and buy various defenses to apply and use.

After defeating a wave, go to the shops to buy new weapons, new tools, and also make upgrades to your base, for it be better equipped at dealing with the blocky zombies!

Move with WASD, hit or shoot with the mouse, select items with the number keys from one to five, shift to run, space to jump, and the following keys for each item:

  • H for first aid kits
  • G for grenades
  • Tab for the store

You've got special touch controls if playing on a phone or tablet, so feel free and confident to begin right now, only here, and then stick around for even more great games to come!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, Tab, G, H, the mouse, 1-5.

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