Zombie Quarrel

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What is Zombie Quarrel?

Zombie Quarrel

Zombie Quarrel is a new aiming and shooting game, a puzzle game with skill elements that we clearly recommend to our audiences, which is why the game is here, even more so considering that you get to defeat zombies from the apocalypse and survive them, or, at least, you are going to try, no?

Use your skills to survive and win the Zombie Quarrel online!

With the mouse you are going to aim and shoot the spears or other weapons given to you by dragging, aiming, and then releasing, having to hit and kill the zombies that appear on the screen in various spots, always in a more complicated one, so that you have to raise up your skills too!

The more of them you hit and kill, the more points you get, but know that missing to hit your targets and losing too many of the weapons you've got will end up with you losing and having to start again from scratch. Of course, next time, we hope to see you perform better than before, and so forth!

Let's begin all this fun, only here, and make sure that you invite your friends to have fun here, they would regret it if they were not to play this game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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