Noob Vs Zombie Survive

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What is Noob Vs Zombie Survive?

Noob Vs Zombie Survive

The Noob needs help to survive the zombie apocalypse that has just unleashed itself in Minecraft, and you're the only one able to help him, as we are sure that you always do with all of our amazing Minecraft Games with Noob, a series that keeps evolving and improving game after game!

Survive the Zombie waves with Noob!

Only the first skin is available for free, as you will have to earn coins to unlock the three others. In each level you use the mouse or finger to move around the area you have been put in, and when you find skeletons or zombies, slash them with your sword, or hit them with any other weapon you have equipped on you.

As you move around and defeat the zombies, they might leave diamonds behind, so make sure to grab them, and for some extra gold and coins, make sure to hit the boxes to see what they hide inside and collect it. Use the rewards to always upgrade your Noob character and his weapons, since the zombies get increasingly more powerful too.

Level up the bar at the top to become stronger, and try to see how long you can survive since your survival duration is being timed, so the more you hang on, the better, of course. Let's begin right now, and see for yourself just how much fun you can be having here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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