Noob Vs Zombie 2

Noob Vs Zombie 2

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Noob Vs Zombie 2
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Noob Vs Zombie 2 Overview


Welcome to Noob Vs Zombie 2, yet another exciting game set in the world of Minecraft Games online, which, as you can obviously see, only gets bigger and better day after day, and while this might not be the Noob's first time having to deal with zombies, he always needs a bit more help, as this is a big threat to face, and only you, by playing the game, can help out!

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The game is structured into five chapters, but the last two are still in development, so give your best to finish the first three. Don't worry, though, as each new chapter has multiple levels, so there is plenty of gameplay time for you to have here!

Use A and D to move, W or space to jump, and click on the buttons for attacking and other interactions when you want to perform them.

Go through each level, pick up coins as treasure, and weapons, and use them to defeat the zombies, and then reach the end of the stage, where a new one awaits.

Each level features a more dangerous room, as well as more zombies as enemies, so step up to the challenges and never give up, no matter how dreadful they might look!

How to play?

Use W, A, D, space, and the mouse.

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