Zombie Raft

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What is Zombie Raft?

Zombie Raft

Welcome all to Zombie Raft, a zombie survival game in 3D, obviously, but also a building, crafting, and hypercasual game with stickmen all at the same time, as we believe it to be one of the most interesting new games we've had here in a while, so giving it a chance right now is what we hope to see all of you do!

Use the Zombie Raft to survive!

Use the mouse to move your blue stickman around, going on the raft by entering its wheel and walking, which moves it forward. Along the way, you need to collect wood and other materials with which to make your raft bigger, and also equip it with defensive systems but also with weapons to shoot down the zombies.

The zombies are represented by stickmen in green, whom you must avoid because if they tear down your raft or touch you directly you are going to lose, and we're positive this is not something you want happening, right?

Otherwise, make sure to make a big raft and go with it through the undead island as far as possible, and maybe survive this whole ordeal by finishing the game. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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