Zombie Survivor Fight

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What is Zombie Survivor Fight?

Zombie Survivor Fight

Hypercasual zombie shooting games online don't come by that very often, which is why we are delighted that right at this moment we could share one with you all, the amazing new game called Zombie Survivor Fight, where we can tell you from our own time with it that you can have a blast, which is what we recommend to you as well!

Win the Zombie Survivor Fight right now!

As zombies try to get through your perimeter, where you are supposed to be protected, move the stickman around with the mouse or finger and have it automatically shoot at the enemies when they break through, and before, have to kill them all to survive the level.

If they kill you instead, you lose. For each new stage, the waves of zombies that attack you get bigger, so you should also become better at playing the game, and don't hesitate to use the coins that you win to buy new guns and upgrades for your stickman and make them better and stronger, so you can finish said levels.

Don't stop here, since we have more great games, and we hope you are also sharing our many games with all your friends, they deserve the fun as well!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.