Zombie Defense: Building Clearance

Zombie Defense: Building Clearance

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Zombie Defense: Building Clearance
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Zombie Defense: Building Clearance Overview


Zombie Defense: Building Clearance, as the title suggests, is one of the best new zombie shooter games online, and not even the first one of the day from our website, as precisely for that reason, seeing how much you love them, we made sure to share this one with you right now, and we will now go deep into it, so that you can give it your best from the get-go!

Let's start Building Clearance to make your Zombie Defense!

The game features a multitude of game modes, like this:

  • Corridors: shoot the zombies as they increase in number from one corridor to another
  • Hospital: the same as the previous mode, only the zombies come by faster
  • Defense: don't let them get past the barricade as you shoot them away
  • Room: you have one attempt to clear all the zombies in a room, or you die. Get in, shoot!
  • Street: eliminate the monsters roaming around the streets freely
  • Rescue People: save the doctors by shooting the zombies that attack them, while being careful not to shoot them by mistake
  • The Training mode teaches you all these in even more depth!

Use WASD to move and the mouse to aim and shoot. We wish you good luck and the very best, as you need it, and hopefully we see you checking out even more great content of ours, day after day!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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