Zombie Apocalypse Online

Zombie Apocalypse Online

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Zombie Apocalypse Online
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Zombie Apocalypse Online Overview


Zombie Apocalypse Online is a new action-adventure game online with shooting, one that also features the undead zombies you know and loves so much from media, and that is because this is a perfect new game for you to play just before or on Halloween, hell, even after, since it remains a really cool experience to have, either on computers or mobile devices!

Shoot your way through the Zombie Apocalypse Online!

Use the right and left arrows to move, the up one to jump or double jump, and advance through the levels to shoot down all the zombies you encounter, shooting at them automatically when you get in their range. They are also shooting back, so avoid their shots, and avoid bumping into them.

If you lose all your health bar, you lose the game. Instead, try collecting gold along the way, as well as keys, weapons, and other items the defeated zombies drop after you've defeated them. Each new level features more foes to defeat but also traps such as explosive bombs, pits, and other dangers.

There are new perks you will get, such as double shots, but you can also make upgrades to your character in the main menu. Reach as far as possible through the zombie apocalypse by defeating the dead men walking, and when you're done here, check out more games in this vein, since we've got the best ones for you already!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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