Crazy Arena: RPG Online

Crazy Arena: RPG Online

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Crazy Arena: RPG Online
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Crazy Arena: RPG Online Overview


Crazy Arena: RPG Online is a multiplayer shooting, action, adventure game all into one, which combines shooter game elements with that of fantasy games, as it has skeletons, monsters, beasts, aliens, and many more things like that all into one, resulting in something unique that we will now try to explain, so you can begin playing at once!

Enter the Crazy Arena RPG Online and survive!

You will be thrown into arenas with a total of six players, including yourselves as you are divided into two teams of three, and have to shoot one another up using the guns, magical powers, bombs that you throw, and any other kinds of weapons that you can put your hands on.

You move around using WASD, and the shooting is done automatically when your enemies get in your range. Avoid their range so you don't get killed instead by them. Using your earnings you can go to the main menu and buy weapons, new skins, change specs, or find surprises in the shops.

Despite the theme, the game is recommended for kids starting at age 3, so no matter how young or old you are, start having fun, and stick around to see what more amazing games will be coming here today!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Pick up any magnets, guns, bombs, or dynamites you find to have the upper hand!
  • Get close enough to enemies to shoot them, but not too close to get shot.
  • Pick between many of the cartoonish skins that you can unlock through the game.

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