Checkers RPG: Online PvP Battle

Checkers RPG: Online PvP Battle

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Checkers RPG: Online PvP Battle
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Checkers RPG: Online PvP Battle Overview


Checkers RPG: Online PvP Battle is a new war and strategy game online in 3D with orcs, or at least, that is what we would call these creatures that you will do battle with, and we're highly positive that you are going to have a blast with this game since it features gameplay similar to chess, but it's about fighting, and in 3D, and you can even play it against other real players, both online and in a PVP 2 Player mode. Let's tell you more about everything, so you can start the game at once!

Can you win the Online PvP Battle with Checkers RPG!

From the main menu you choose if you're fighting offline, against the computer, or locally against another real player, in which case you take turns, but you also take turns pvp multiplayer, where your opponents are real people across the internet.

On the checkerboard table, move your orcs where there are free spots they can move, and move them in such a way that you defeat the orcs of the enemy, eliminating all their forces first to win, while being careful not to let yours defeated, in which case you lose instead.

We wish you good luck and all the best, and hope you don't stop here, since the day has just started, so more amazing games are still to follow!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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