BitGoblins: RPG Simulator

BitGoblins: RPG Simulator

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BitGoblins: RPG Simulator
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BitGoblins: RPG Simulator Overview


BitGoblins: RPG Simulator is a new idle game online that is also, as the title suggests, a role-playing game online, it has fighting, it has a fantasy setting, and an ever-growing list of challenges for you to go through so that you become the hero of your dreams, whether you play this game on computers or mobile devices, with us now teaching you exactly what to do, so you can begin having fun at once!

Defeat the BitGoblins in the new RPG Simulator online!

You will have a hero on a horse, which is being attacked by goblins coming from the west side, and you need to attack them and defeat them, which happens automatically when they get near you. As you do that and defeat them, in return you earn coins.

With those coins, you go in the menu down below to upgrade the level of the hero, his attack power, his health, and other kinds of stats that make him stronger. That is important since the enemies get stronger, and you also have to defeat bosses.

The hero can be upgraded all the way to level 125, and at every 25 levels, he also changes appearance and size. As you complete tasks, you also get diamonds in return, which are worth even more.

The game goes on for as long as you can survive in this simulation, so always upgrade, evolve, and defeat bigger and bigger bosses. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for the other new games of the day still to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Defeat the goblins and ogres to upgrade your hero's magical abilities.
  • Buy all the upgrades in the menu below to increase your powers.
  • Upgrade until you reach level 125 to become the ultimate hero and a menace to the goblins!

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