FNAF: 5 Nights

FNAF: 5 Nights

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FNAF: 5 Nights
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FNAF: 5 Nights Overview


FNAF: 5 Nights is the latest horror survival game 3D from this beloved category, with a more dynamic format and gameplay than what you are used to, which you will see as soon as you begin playing it since it is a game with collecting, running, and escaping all into one, which we will now teach you the rules of, so you can start as soon as possible!

Survive the FNAF animatronics in 5 Nights of Horror!

In each of the levels you enter a part of the pizzeria where you have to collect five shakes to unlock the door, but the food items can be different, and then escape without getting caught by one of the animatronics, such as Bonnie, Freddy, or Chica, and even the three of them together for the Final stage.

There are two levels of difficulty you can play with each of the characters, so finish the easy mode and then try the hard mode to see if you've got it! Move with the WASD keys on computers, and use the on-screen joystick to move about in the mobile format. If the monsters catch you, you die and have to restart, obviously!

Let's begin facing our fears right now, and don't stop here, since we've got plenty more great games to come, just for you, every day!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and mouse.

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