MADNESS: Off-Color

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What is MADNESS: Off-Color?

MADNESS: Off-Color

The Madness Combat series that we have introduced you with on our website recently even has spin-offs and interesting things all around it, just like the episode you are about to watch and enjoy for free on our website right now, as we invite you all to have incredible amounts of fun with the game/animation called MADNESS: Off-Color!

Pico in the Madness Combat world? Sign Us Up!

Pico has fallen into this new world of gore and battle, and he needs your help to shoot and kill all the enemies he encounters, because lots of enemies have been sent towards him from all directions, and only you can defeat them!

There are four ways to play this game:

  • Campaign: Go through the story, one level after another, defeating the enemies as they come!
  • Free Play: A straight-up survival mode where you have to defeat anyone that comes, and they won't stop!
  • Challenges: You have to kill your enemies in precise and exact ways to clear the quests.
  • Experiment: Create your own levels and locations for Pico to shoot enemies!

You move using the right and left arrows, use the up one to jump, down one to fall down, left click to shoot, right-click to pick up weapons, space to reflect projectiles.

Pico is ready for action, are you? Start the game right now, and see for yourself how much of a great time you will be having!

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How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, mouse.