Madness Deathwish

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What is Madness Deathwish?

Madness Deathwish

Madness Deathwish is a brand-new point-and-click action game online, where you are going to be responsible for the death of so many grunts, something that Hank usually does in the animations but games as well, but this time you get to do it using various kinds of weapons, as you get to choose a scenario in which you defeat these minions, and you just see it unfold before you, without having any other worries!

Make the Madness Deathwish of the grunts come true!

After hitting the play button, you see the scene with the grunts in front of you, with one of them being a rebellious one that will kill the others, using your chosen method, having the chance to pick from the following weapons:

  • bat
  • pistol
  • machine gun
  • nail gun
  • sword
  • blood god powers
  • or even a question mark, which means something random will happen

After choosing one of them, you watch the scene unfold, and then we recommend trying out another one, until you have exhausted all the options, and have gotten all you wished and could take out of this game. It's all that easy and fun, so start right away, only here, and stick around to see what more great games we've got in store for everyone!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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