Madness Combat 6.5

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What is Madness Combat 6.5?

Madness Combat 6.5

As you can see, Hank is never out of ammo, and he is never out of enemies to destroy, as the series of Madness Combat still has many chapters in store for you all, chapters that you can view and enjoy for free on our website, just like right at this moment, when you are invited to have fun with Madness Combat 6.5!

Continue the crazy and action-packed adventures of Hank from Madness Combat!

This animation has over 9000 frames in it, all of them really well-made by their creators, where you can see Hank go around and kill various enemies that he encounters, and trust us when we say that this character uses creative ways in disposing of his targets, which is why he is so fun to watch.

If you've seen all the previous chapters of this story, this one is a must as well, and we're sure that you will love where things are going. For even further fun, stick around on our website to catch all the other ones we will bring forward for you soon enough!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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