Madness Deathwish 2

Madness Deathwish 2

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Madness Deathwish 2
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Madness Deathwish 2 Overview


Madness Deathwish 2 is here after we've seen how much you enjoyed the first game, which is why this has the number two in its title, and this time you get to play in an even more interactive way, as this is a straight-up shooting game where you no longer just watch the brutal fight scenes, but act them out yourselves!

Have brutal fun with Madness Deathwish 2 online!

Use the mouse to take aim with your guns and shoot at all the enemies that come through the door, or they might appear from other parts of the screen. Make sure to kill them without letting them do that to you first, and, remember that Hank will eventually come and kill you since you're just a grunt.

Don't worry, because if you reach that point, you can start enacting a new death scene, maybe with another kind of weapon, and keep having fun in new creative ways to kill and die! Use A and D to move, the mouse to shoot, R to reload, Q and E to change weapons.

It's that simple, so now that everything has been understood, you should be ready to give this game your absolute best, after which we've got even more in store for you, we promise!

How to play?

Use the mouse, A, D keys, Q and E, and R.

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