Madness Hydraulic

Madness Hydraulic

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Madness Hydraulic
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Madness Hydraulic Overview


Madness Hydraulic is yet another fantastic fighting game online with Hank and other crazy characters from this world we are now happy to bring together for you all since you no longer can just watch the characters fight, but you can take part in those fights yourself, and we're sure that you will enjoy it top to bottom!

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In this fast-paced shooting game online you meet enemies at every point, having to kill off as many of them as possible as you go on, because otherwise they will kill you instead, and you lose. As you keep defeating enemy units, upgrade your character to make it stronger, since you will need the bosses at the end of the line.

Use A and D for walking, W to jump, S to swap weapons, and aim and shoot with the left mouse button, of course. Good luck and all the best we're wishing you all, and we really hope you don't stop here since more great games are on the come up right now!

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