Madness Premeditation

Madness Premeditation

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Madness Premeditation
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Madness Premeditation Overview


Madness Premeditation is yet another action-packed game with Hank on a mission to kill all his enemies before they kill him, but this one is going to also require you to do a little bit more thinking than before, as it has elements of interactive adventure games embedded into it, resulting in yet another fresh experience that this category offers to you all!

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To do the astral projection of your shots, use the ARROWS or the WASD keys, whichever are more comfortable to you, and for aiming and interacting with the menus you use the mouse.

So, use those keys to plan the route that you want Hank to take on so that he reaches all his enemies, mark the attack nodes, which is where he has to shoot, hit, or stab said foes, and then let the action unfold as well, and see if you can defeat all your targets.

If not, try again and think up a better astral projection, and simulate until you are done with all the waves of enemies. It's quite a cool concept, not often found in this dynamic category, so checking it out right now is a must, believe us!

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