Madness Regent

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What is Madness Regent?

Madness Regent

Madness Regent is a brand-new action-platformer game with shooting and fighting that you are playing in the amazing category of Madness Games online we've just created for you all, where you can trust us when we say that you are going to have an incredible time right now, an action-packed one, as you are used to with the videos from this franchise already!

Become the Madness Regent online right now!

You will play the role of Hank, somewhere in Nevada, where you have to go around and shoot down all the enemies in your path while making sure that they don't shoot you first instead, in which case you are going to lose if you end up with your health bar completely depleted.

Use the arrows for moving, S to jump, and double jump, if pressed twice, and use the A key for shooting. Each new course has more enemies to defeat, but also more fun to have, because of that, so begin right now, only here, and stick around to see what more surprises we've got in store!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrows, A, S keys.

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